Thursday, January 14, 2010

puran poli

Staying far from our family really makes us more independent specially on festivals we remember them a lot and try making the feast by our own,so just on the sankranti festival i remember my mom making puran polis which i wanted to make here,and then i thought of my friend who is a maharashtrian and had tasted her puran poli one day so just took the recipie from her and tried making myself which didnt turned out like her ,though was fair enough to eat.I and my husband were very happy to eat them after a long time .
ingredients :
1cup chana dal
11/2 cup sugar ( adjust according to your taste buds )
1tsps cardomom pwd
1/2 tsp grated nutmeg/nutmeg pwd
3cups wheat flour( regular chapati aatta )
1tbsp oil
method :
pressure cook chana daal with enough water till done.strain the water and put the chana daal in the mixie jar.add sugar and grind into a smooth paste.Take this mixture in a thick-bottomed vessel or pressure pan, and on a medium flame cook while stirring without break. Keep stirring till this reaches a consistency when the mixture leaves the walls and becomes a ball. Don’t stop stirring or it may burn.Take off the fire and cool.add cardomom and nutmeg pwd.
Make the dough little 'loose' than usual chapati dough,adding salt,oil and enough water.  Keep it aside for 1/2 an hour. When making puranpoli take little dough, flatten out little bit, take 1-1/2 times of dough puran, and put it in the center. Cover it properly. Roll the Poli carefully. You can use wheat flour for rolling out. Fry on hot tava till it gets golden brown color with ghee.Serve hot with ghee or aamti.You can also store the puran in refrigerator for few days and use as required.

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