Thursday, January 07, 2010

malai kulfi

This yummy & easiest kulfi recipie was given by my sister,though one of the whip (US product ) is not available in australia i tried making without it as i desperately wanted to have malai kulfi and the outcome was still awesome.i had been eating malai kulfi since i was a child,in mumbai its the best way to beat the heat and i still remember the bhaiyawalas on mumbai street selling around the corner and we all use to just cherish it .i was so happy and excited while making this kulfi and like a small kid everynow and then was opening the freezer and checking if its done :).It has become my favourite kulfi recipe till date and was a big hit in my home,my daughter was not allowing to take the pics and wanted to grab all and to be very frank even i didnt wanted to waste time on taking pics and we all had immedately,you can see the picture of my daughter  njoying this kulfi which my husband had taken without her notice.The below quantity is quite a lot and you can try with half the amount initially but i make the whole amount as i can have for couple of days,it is alwaz fast moving in my place :)

ingredients :
1can evaporated milk
1can sweetened condensed milk
1container whipped cream
8 oz cool whipp (optional)
4 slices of white bread (edges removed )
cardamon pwd to taste
unsalted pistachios pwd
method :
Break the bread into pieces ,add evaporated milk,whipped cream,condensed milk,cool whipp and blend together until smooth.empty this mix into a kulfi mould or an airtight container or ice tray .Garnish with cardamon pwd and pistachios and freeze overnight or for 6-8 hrs.The yummy malai kulfi is ready to eat.


  1. whats the measure of 1can n what do u mean by evaporated milk

  2. evaporated milk is actually reduced milk (if u boil the full cream milk on slow flame for hours and reduce it to half for any sweet or dessert that is called as reduced milk ) we get here in safeway/coles it comes in a can/tin which you have to use the full can find in long life milk section.


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