Sunday, January 10, 2010


Everytime i make chole i just used to avoid bhature as it needed to be deep fried and being an over weight i wanted to eat phulkas or steamed rice with chole but my husband wants bhature only with chole and so only for him i tried making this recipie which i searched on net and finally i came across this one which makes yummy bhatures ,i am really sorry just didnt bookmarked it and so cannot tell the site name but soon will try to find out and add the link of the actual site.
ingredients :
5cups plain flour
1 cup yogurt
1tsp baking pwd
1tsp sugar
2tsps oil
method :
mix all the above ingredients together and add enough water to make a dough.cover and keep it aside in warm place for 1-2 hrs.make lemon size balls out of it,roll like a small chapati and deep fry and serve hot with chole.

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