Tuesday, February 02, 2010

fruit custard

ingredients :
1/2 ltr full cream milk

1/4 cup sugar ( please adjust according to your taste )
11/2 tbsp vanilla custard pwd ( or any other flavour )
2 cups chopped fresh fruits ( bananas,apples,mangoes,strawberry,grapes,pomogranate,etc )
2tbsp dry fruits ( cashew nuts,almonds,pistas )
elaichi pwd to taste ( optional )
strawberry jelly & few cherries
ingredients :
bring milk to boil.mix custard pwd with ltl water & make a thick smooth paste without any lumps.when the milk comes to boil add the custard paste and keep stirring till it becomes thick. (stir continiously or else the milk will scorch ).let it simmer for few mins.switch of the flame.add sugar and mix well .after cooling down add elaichi pwd, fresh fruits and dry fruits and chill in refrigerator.decorate it with jelly and cherries .serve chilled custard.

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