Tuesday, May 04, 2010

awards time again :)

Thank you jyoti of panchpakwan for showering me with these lovely awards.Sorry for posting late as my laptop was sick for last 10-12 days and it got fixed yesterday only and since then i m back with all my piled up recipes in my draft with a bang :P.I am really inspired by all my fellow bloggers who are great mentors for a newbie like me .
The rule is to share my 5 favourite recipes and as jyoti said its definately difficult to choose ,but i have to..so in that case i would like to share few of my all time favourite recipes ....
Also i would request to all my fellow bloggers to grab these awards from here as its difficult to name ,whoever   i m thinking of already have these awards in their blogs so just cant figure out so as to whome should i pass on..


  1. Congrats on ur awards..keep rocking..

  2. Hey Sonu..It nice to know that your PC is working now..

    Lovely selection of fav recipes. I loved susla the most. I too make this at home da..:)

  3. Congrats!!! Sonal for ur Award... Gr8 keep it up...


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