Friday, May 21, 2010


Laksa is very popular in malaysia and singapore ,it is  basically a coconut- based noodle curry soup which  also includes tofu,vegetables and particularly shrimps,prawns,chicken stock,fish but  being a vegeterian i made my own version with some vegetables  ,coconut milk,tofu and noodles  and a veg laksa paste ( store bought ) which is actually a blend of garlic,sugar,salt,shallots,lemon grass,onion,chilli pwd,ginger palm oil,galangal,candle nut etc. Laksa is one pot meal which is quite rich and spicy and tastes best when is hot and steaming,we are loving this laksa in this cold weather and the smell itself is making our mouth drooling.As per my knowledge no two laksa curries are alike and there are many ingredients which can be added as eggplants,blanched spinach or bokchoy.Laksa's origin is hard to trace, it is arguably singapore's national dish and some says its called as penang laksa (malaysian origin )or even malaysian chinese cuisine,but does it really matters ?? i would like to say its an asian cuisine and those who visit malaysia and singapore do complete your experience with your bowl of laksa  ;)
ingredients :
1 carrot thinly sliced
8-10 french beans cut into long pcs
1 small headed broccoli ,into florets
1/2 cup tofu  chunks
2 tbsp sprouts ( moong,matki )
2 tbsp sliced spring onions
3 tbsp laksa paste homemade or store bought ( i used store bought yeo's laksa paste )
1 cup cooked thin or thick rice vermicilli noodles ( i used 1/2 cup thin rice vermicilli and 1/2 cup chinese noodles )
1 small can coconut milk
2 cups vegetable stock
1 tbsp  oil ( i used olive oil )
salt and ground black pepper  & red chilli pwd to taste
method :
Boil carrot,beans,sprouts,broccoli  sprouts & spring onions .Strain the vegetables and keep the vegetable stock ( dont throw away ).Heat oil in a saucepan,saute the laksa paste for 3-4 mins ,add vegetable stock and coconut milk ,keep stirring till it comes to boil ,add all vegetables,tofu ,noodles,seasonings and simmer for few mins.Serve hot.


  1. Looks so delicious to me.
    Nice blog layout Sonu.

  2. Hi Sonal, Thanks for your interest in the event, you can still send your entries. I am recent addict to Malaysian food, Laksa looks really appetizing.

  3. Lovely dish Sonu,looks very delicious!thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Yummy...this is so what I wanted Sonu. Looks perfect! bookmarked!

  5. thank u rv have u been ?seeing u after ages over here.. glad preeti u liked it ..i hope it turns out good :)


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