Tuesday, May 11, 2010

veggie burger

 On mother's day ,veggie burger was our lunch which was on demand from my princess ,everytime we passed by hungary jacks or nandos food outlet she will  start shouting " buger buger..mumma i want to eat buger " ... :) in her own language,so this time i finally thought will make burger at home and she was so excited when my husband brought the burger buns ,she was jumping with joy and i was awwed by her expression,and that itself made my day,she didnt even had patience while i was assembling the burger and she wanted to have it as early as possible,we three had a nice time having burgers at home .The patties here i have made is a vegetable patty but there are end number of ingredients which you can use to make your own,you can try  with garbanzo beans,kala chana,only potato or try adding oats..etc
ingredients for patties :
11/2 cup bolied and mashed vegetables ( carrot,beans,potato,peas and sweet corn kernels )
2 bread slices
1 tbsp ginger-green chilli paste
1  tsp red chilli pwd ( optional )
salt to taste
chaat masala to taste
1/2 cup suji/coarse semolina/rava
oil for shallow frying
method :
Add mashed vegetables in a mixing bowl,soak bread slices in water ,squeeze with your palms to remove excess water and mix in to the vegetable mixture,add ginger-chilli paste,salt,chaat masala,chilli pwd and mix well.Take an orange size mixture and give them round flat tikki shape ( little bigger then the original aloo tikki size ),dust the patties into rava from both the sides and slightly tap it from your hands to remove the excess rava from the patties and shallow fry on a non stic pan/tawa/griddle.Fry the patties on medium to low flame till evenly brown on both the sides ( it took me atleast half an hr as i wanted them to cook nicely and had used very little oil too )

assembling the burger
3 burger buns
3 patties
3 lettuce leaves
1/2 cup shredded lettuce and cabbage mix
mayonnaise ( home made /store bought )
cheese slice
1 tomato round sliced 
1 onion round sliced
tomato ketch up
mehod :
Cut the burger buns into halves.Heat the burger buns with little butter on both the sides on tawa/non stick pan.Place a lettuce leaf on bottom part of the bun,place the pattie on top,spread some mayonnaise on it,place a slice of tomato and onion on top,spread some shredded lettuce and cabbage on it and again if you like spread some mayonnaise ,then a cheese slice on top and finally the upper part of the bun,serve immediately with ketch up and fries or chips.


  1. Oh, this one is making me hungry here. Really awesome. You have done it nicely.

  2. really delicious one yarr..hope ur little princess really enjoyed her favorite food..good one

  3. Its my fav...glad now i know the perfect recipe to make at home and delight my kids..Thanks dear for sharing.

  4. thank u so much suhaina
    @ praniskitchen..yupp she did..thank u dear
    @ jay oh really im sure ur kids will luv do try and lemme know..how it turned..


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