Sunday, March 28, 2010

susla ( puffed rice upma )

Finally i am posting susla recipie today which i had mentioned about earlier in my phutane chutney post .This uncommon and unique dish ,i came across right after my marraige,still cant figure out why is this name given and wht does it mean,my mother in law says even she dosent know about it ,when she was married ,she learnt from her mother in law and so to be very precise,this dish is followed from ancestors and now passed on to us,its one of the favourite and common breakfast recipe in my inlaws house  and now mine too :) and also my family in mumbai ( india ) too.Once my sister was in india and i made this for our breakfast since then she also started liking it,since long she wanted this recipe but i was kinda lazy to mail her so now im posting this recipe specially for my dear sis.If you make the phutane chutney powder and keep in stock then this is the easiest and quickest dish for your early morning breakfasts,here this chutney plays an important role without it this dish is incomplete..I am sending this recipe for Jihva -breakfast march 2010 event hosted by suma of veggieplatter which was originally started by indira of mahanandi.
ingredients :
200 gms churmure ( puffed rice/kurmura/murmure )
3-4 tbsp phutane chutney
2 tsp red chilli pwd
1/4 tsp turmeric pwd
salt to taste
1 onion chopped ( optional )(i generally dont use as my husband likes without onions )
1/4 tsp mustard seeds
1/4 tsp cumin seeds
2-3 chopped curry leaves
corriander leaves for garnishing
lemon juice to taste
2 tbsp oil
method :
Soak churmure in water for 2-3 mins, or till it becomes soft and abosrbs some water,keep pushing churmure in the water and make sure it is soaked completely in water,squeeze out all the water completely with both your palms and keep in the mixing bowl,add phuatne chutney,salt & chilli pwd ,mix well with your hands so that the chutney is spread nicely all over the churmure.Heat oil in kadhai,add mustard and cumin seeds,let it splutter,add curry leaves,fry onions till transparent ,add turmeric pwd and soaked churmure ,mix well.Sprinkle lemon juice and garnish with corriander leaves,serve hot .You can also serve with yogurt .


  1. Upma looks delicious dear!!!
    Phutane chutney sounds interesting...

  2. Thanks for the yummy entry, Sonal.
    One of my SILs prepares this upma the way you mentioned, by adding daliya powder & lemon juice. When I first heard about that, It seemed unusual. :)
    South Indians prepare this upma sans those two ingredients, though.

  3. yeah suma ,the name is unusual ,its a kannada name ,my husband is from hubli,( karnataka ),and so very much fond of north karnataka dishes,this is our regular b/f dish .

  4. dear sis....thank you so much for finally posting the recipe of susla.I made it on Sunday and boy it was yummy.thanks a ton.I made the spare daaliya chutney and stored in a container.Now susla will be sooo easy to make.

  5. thanx sure it will be easy for u :)

  6. U can also replace phutane chatni with besanpowder


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