Monday, May 03, 2010

fairy bread / princess bread

This is the easiest snack for the kids and is simply effortless yet attractive and filling ,it is also handy and very good idea for a lazy early morning tiffins for kids,we can even cut the bread slices in any of your child's favourite shape and is also perfect for small kid's parties.

ingredients :
soft white bread  slices
100's & 1000's balls ( used for decorating cakes/icecreams/cupcakes )
method :
Chop out the side brown portions of the bread.Apply butter on one side and cut it diagonally or any shape you wish with knife or even you can use a cookie cutter,sprinkle the tiny balls all over (they will stick automatically on butter).Its ready to serve.


  1. Kids will surely love this one, it looks very delicious & rightly said the easiest one..

  2. Cute and definitely a kid's pleaser..

  3. Lovely and kids will love it..

  4. Hy sonu,
    Looks yummy and creative. I am going to delight my kids with this fairy bread. Thanks for the recipe dear.


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