Saturday, May 29, 2010

jeera rice seasoned with garam masala

Jeera rice / cumin seeds rice is quite a common and easiest rice variety of all , i make it so often with choley,rajma,dal fry or any vegetable gravy ,may be thats the reason i never posted,i really dont know that what is difference between shah jeera/caraway & jeera/cumin,yes ofcourse they both look different  but i can never somehow make out the difference in the taste ,my mom in law always uses shah jeera while making jeera rice as she says in jeera rice  shah jeera is only used but my mom use to make with jeera/cumin seeds only and so im very much use to  this as since chidhood i have been eaten with jeera only ,also have heard some uses special rice called by the name itself jeera rice variety which are short grained but i always use basmati rice....anyways everyone have their own version/method of making,yesterday i had called some friends over dinner and i made this rice with a small addition of the indian authentic seasoning, garam masala ,i wonder what did i thought of when i saw the garam masala  box on my kitchen counter and simply felt like adding to the rice and to my surprise everyone liked it very much  so just thought of sharing this jeera rice  recipe.The menu of the day was chips & dips (guacamole & mild tomato salsa),jeera rice,chana dal,paneer butter masala,plain parathas and my experience of making the turkish delight-baklava do stay tuned with few of these posts coming up soon!!Sending this to SARA for hosting this months CWS-CUMIN SEEDS and PADMA for hosting june mths cws-pepper, event started by PRIYA.
ingredients :
1 cup basmati rice 
2 tbsp ghee
1 bay leaf
2-3 cloves
2-3 pepper corns
2 tsp cumin seeds/jeera
2 tsps garam masala pwd
1 tsp lemon juice
salt to taste
corriander leaves for garnishing
method :
Wash and soak rice for 10-15 mins.Boil rice with enough water,salt and add lemon juice whilst cooking rice so that each grains are seperated ,strain the water and spread the rice in large pan.Heat ghee,add cumin seeds,bay leaf,pepper,cloves and take off from the flame,add this tempering to rice and sprinkle garam masala all over and mix gently.Garnish with corriander leaves and serve with raita or any dal,curries.


  1. Wow, thats cool. I usually add whole garam masala spices, garam masala pwd is new to me. Hope ur guests enjoyed ur wonderful preparations.

  2. thanx suhaina for being so quick..just posted few mins back :)...yupp this is kinda new to me too ;)but really everyone luved it

  3. Lovely innovative touch you have given the jeera rice.

  4. Tempting pic speaks its taste Sonu...lovely.

  5. thats a good idea adding the garam masala..sure it will taste realy good..nice one..

  6. Wat a delectable jeera rice, looks super delicious, ur new template looks beautiful Sonu..

  7. Thanks, this year you get lot of opportunity and share more foodie blog and its in satya nketan delhi


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