Monday, March 29, 2010

dal paratha

The other day i made dal fry and jeera rice in my lunch,so rice was over and around 1 cup of dal fry was leftover which as usual i kept in my refrigerator thinking will have to use it in my dinner.Evening when i bugged my hubby calling and asking what should i make for the dinner as usual he yelled on me saying " dont bother me asking this rubbish question in middle of my important work " :(( ...he rarely says or demands  anything for our regular food  and eats whatever i make ,he is not etall fussy in his food habits ,this is what i like in him,may be his best quality ;),but still i dont know why i ask him ,simultanaeosly he said he wont be eating much as he had some hot cross buns in the office with his evening coffee.Then i peeked into my refrigerator so as to what should be finished first and there i remembered yeah my dal fry,but the amount was really less which was not sufficient for us so i kept the dal out in my kitchen counter and thought what next ..??  actually i have seen my husband's naani ( grand ma) using leftover potato vegetabe or cabbage vegetable to make parathas out of it,but she never used leftover dal  ,i thought why not dal fry,lets give it a try,i really didnt wanted to throw or waste as it was quite yummy,so finally this recipe i invented.I am sending this recipe for the event
" leftover delicacies " hosted by Daisy Blue.

ingredients :
1 cup dal fry ( i only had that much in my hand )
11/2-2 cups wheat flour ( regular aata /chapati flour,pls adjust according to the quantity u have )
salt to taste ,please see salt is already in the dal so be careful while adding
1 tsp red chilli pwd (it is  optional ,i had added as my dal fry was not spicy  )
method :
In a mixing bowl add the dal fry,red chilli pwd,salt and mix the flour ,add the flour accordingly so that you dont need to add water ,so be careful while adding flour,you can add little at a time till it forms a soft dough.Drizzle few drops of oil all over the dough and cover and let it rest for 5-10 mins.Then make lemon size balls out of it and roll out chapati shape with the help of dry flour and slap them on heated tava/griddle,sprinkle some oil both the sides and cook till it gets brown spots all over.serve hot with pickles.


  1. Nice innovative idear dear :-)
    Dal paratha's look perfect...

  2. thank you aruna so much for your comments :)

  3. Very nice work dear.. I have some left over dal in my fridge.. may be I can try yours today for dinner... :)

  4. thanx daisy..yeah u can definately give it a try and pls lemme know how it turns..

  5. Dal paratha looks wonderful, healthy one'.

  6. Hey Sonal, vow! so many recipes!! Havent checked all yet...but looks very extensive...way to go girl!

  7. thanx rashmi,all credit goes to u dear...have posted many of ur recipes :)...keep coming here


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