Saturday, March 27, 2010

avacado milkshake

After coming to australia i tasted avacados for the first time and frankly speaking i didnt like the taste as it was too bland and that day spoke to my sister who stays in US and she suggested using avacado in a milkshake instead having it plain so i mmediately made milkshake out of it and it was awesomely yummy...thanks to her !!.My daughter also started liking this milkshake and for her i repeatedly make this milkshake on her demand ,the picture below is quite questionable as to what a hat is doing in this post ?? its just that the other day i made this hat for my daughter and in sometime i made the milkshake for her ,at the time of taking my milkshake pictures she insisted to take her hat pic too and it was her creativity to keep her hat with the glass ,she was so adamant and keen that she dint allowed me to take a single picture without her hat :) ,i wonder how kids minds work at times.
This is my entry for the event " serve me some .....juices,shakes,smoothies " hosted by madhuri of CCN,the world is so small,i came to know about madhuri's event through rashmi ,one of my friends in melbourne and happens to be madhuri's freind too,she is a non blogger though a fabulous chef too :),i really admire her and have tried and posted some of her recipes in this blog too.

ingredients :
1 small riped avacado
2 cups full cream milk
1 cup water
4 tsps sugar (adjust according to your taste)
4-5 unsalted pistachios ( optional )

method :
Scrape the avacado,blend together all the ingredients till smooth,pour in the glass and serve.If the shake is too thick you can adjust adding little more water as it really depends on your avacado size and the flesh it has.


  1. thank you aruna...its really very healthy too...did u sent any of your drink entry ??


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