Tuesday, March 16, 2010

avacado paratha

Avacados are such a treasure trove fruit which has very high fibre content , are low in cholestrol ,are rich in vitamin c,it helps lower the cholestrol,are very good antioxidents,it helps in protecting our livers,are brilliant for skin ,low in sugar,salt free,have monosaturated fat,etc.wow so many nutrients value..when i was in india i had heard about avacados but never had a chance to use them as its not easily available nor it is too famous fruit over there,but after coming here i had a chance to use them and when i went to market i bought them and guess what ...after having a bite i felt ..yukk....yeah i just didnt like the taste as it was too bland and i had never had anything like that before,then for few days i stopped buying,but soon i had a chat speck with my sister who stays in U.S.A and she said its quite healthy and she shared the milkshake recipe which i had earlier posted and so i started buying again and i felt after having it regulary somehow i , and infact my husband and my daughter too started having regularly with sprinkling salt and pepper or spreading it on sandwiches also in salads and smoothies ,soon we all developed avacado taste buds and we were now in love with it.The other day i was just going through siri's corner and suddenly i landed on her healing foods : avacado event,i was amazed reading the different various dishes using the same fruit but i was highly impressed when i went through usha's avacado roti from veginspirations,wow what a brilliant idea and fortunately i had ripe avacados and there i tried making these with slight variation of our family taste ,i made like a paratha applying little ghee for my daughter and she was very happy to have it.The actual recipe can be viewed here.
ingredients :
1 ripe avacado
2 cups wheat flour/chappati flour ( regular aatta )
salt to taste
1 tsp red chilli pwd
1 tsp cumin pwd
chopped corriander leaves
ghee/oil for frying ( optional )
method :
scrape avacado in a bowl,mash it with a fork,add red chilli pwd ,cumin pwd,salt and corriander leaves.mix gently with your fingers,add flour and mix well to form a smooth soft dough ,if required add enough water ( though i didnt add water as my avacado was quite large and had enough flesh which was enough to bind the flour ).roll out equal portions of the dough in a circular or any shape you like .Heat tava slap your roti and flip over till you see brown spots all over,you can sprinkle ghee or oil all over and serve hot with yogurt,pickles or any curries available at that moment.


  1. Hey Sonu...I tried the avacado parathas and I have to tell u that these are the quickest,healthiest and most soft parathas I have ever made.Disha enjoyed it a lot.


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