Friday, March 12, 2010

mango milkshake

We all freak on mangoes...right ?? specially i love the alphanso ones which is quite famous in mumbai,maharashtra (india).Since childhood we have been having chilled mango juices and shakes during mango season in summers and here in australia too i have continued my mango shakes though without alphanso mango ,still having an awesome taste so just thought of posting this recipe .The mangoes here are quite different as in the taste as well as the size,they are quite large ones,so according to the sizes here we can make 4 glasses of shake with one single mango,also i have used the full cream milk which i specially use for my daughter and the other day she wanted to have the mango shake as soon as i bought them from the market and so i added some water as the shake was quite thick,if you are using fat free milk then you can avoid using water and make with the milk only.

ingredients :
1 mango
1-2 tbsp sugar ( adjust according to taste )
1 glass full cream milk
1/2 glass water
1-2 tsp cardomon powder
method :
peel mango and cut into pieces.add milk ,sugar,water and mango pieces into a blender and blend till smooth.strain the pulp and add cardomon ,mix and serve chilled .

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