Friday, March 12, 2010

phutane ki chutney

March,the third month of the year 2010 have started and i have not posted a single recipe, was actually in holiday mood still,had been to GoldCoast early in the month and had a fabulous holiday break ever :P,so i guess i am still having the hangover of it and kinda was lazying around,but now its high time and today early in the morning  my hubby dear wanted to have " susla " in his breakfast...yupp the name is surely very unknown ,different,weird and uncommon to most of the people and it was to me also when i first heard it immediately after my marraige,years back at my in law's place.Susla is the most filling ,easiest and yummiest snack i ever had in breakfast,which is made up of churmure ( puffed rice/kurmure) and phutane chutney
(dry daliya/roasted gram powder chutney ),this recipe cannot be made without this chutney hence i had to first look out for it which i found was out of stock in my kitchen.Fortunately i had all the ingredients and it hardly takes any time to make this chutney which is in a dry powdery form and can be stored in clean air tight containers/jars for months and can used in variety of dishes as and when required.So here is my version of recipe which is slightly different from the actual recipe taught by my mother in law,from whom i learnt this which was regularly made by her in quantity and used in daily basis just like pickles and any other chutneys by everyone at our home  .She actually uses fresh coconut after they are completely dried under the sun but as its difficult for me to break the whole coconut and dry them in sun ,which the weather in australia doesnt permit me ;) so i have used dessicated coconut instead still not affecting much of the taste.

ingredients :
1cup roasted gram ( daliya/phutane )
11/2 cup dessicated coconut
1 tsp roasted cumin powder
1-11/2 tbsp red chilli pwd
salt to taste
method :
mix phutane and coconut together and grind coarsely,add salt,chilli pwd and cumin powder and grind again into a powder .store into a jar for months.This chutney can even be used with upma ,with plain parathas adding yogurt to the chutney ,also you can fill this in regular aata ( wheat dough ) and make parathas out of it which can be served with yogurt and lastly but not the least this is the main key ingredient in susla,which i will post soon in my blog.


  1. hi sonu,

    i tried this chutney. its yummy.. my hubby liked it a lot... ummmmmm hey can you pls post some yummy recipes for an infant tooo.

  2. hey rajni thank u for visiting my blog and trying one of the glad ur hubby liked it..yes sure will post some infant recipes pls lemme know how many mths old is the infant now if ur looking particularly for some age so will be more easier for me..also let me know ur mail id or do become my follower so it will be easy for u and me to keep in touch :)thanx nd cheers..

  3. pls tell me..what is phutane?

  4. Hi. There... phutane is A Kannada word for roasted gram and called Daliya in hindi ,if u go thru the recipe in the ingredients section I have mentioned phutaney /daliya/roasted gram dal all these r same and also if u can see the roasted gram in the pic near the dish.. Hope this helps..thanks

  5. hi , This is really a good one .....
    Thanks .


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