Monday, August 09, 2010

akki roti

 Akki roti is quite famous in karnataka and is very different from other indian flat breads,it is very thin,crisp and very difficult to make as we have to pat this directly on tava/pan and and cannot be rolled by roller like any other flat breads.This akki roti is more or less a bangalore style and is very nutritious ,you can add carrots/methi leaves/cabbage as per your taste,here i have added carrots as i had only these on my hand  when i made ,i have taken this recipe from my friend who is a bangalorean and a kannadigar,this method of making akki rotis are taught by her and according to me its one of the simplest form ,there are many ways of making these rotis and once you get a hang of  it,it is kinda easy to make.Sending this to akilas kitchen for her event DNSW:A
ingredients :
2 cups rice flour
1 finely chopped onion
1/2 cup grated/shredded carrots
1-2 tbsp finely chopped green chillies ( adjust acc to taste )
handful of chopped corriander leaves
salt to taste
1 tsp cumin seeds
2 tsp oil
oil for frying
hot water  as required
method :
Mix flour,onions,carrots,corriander leaves,green chillies,salt,oil and cumin seeds all together .Add around half cup of hot water and cover the flour mix and keep aside for 10 mins ( dont mix,just add water and keep it ).Add some more hot water and make a soft dough.Take a tennis size ball dough and place it in a centre of tawa/pan,keep some cold water in another vessel (say abt 1/2 a cup ) wet your hands with this water and pat the dough and spread with your palms in a circular way to make a thin roti.( keep wetting your hands frequently as the dough with stick to your hands and may break in between,so with the help of your wet hands it will be easy to pat and spread the rotis.)Drizzle some oil all over the roti and cover the roti for a min,remove the lid and let it cook till it gets seperated from tava/pan and you get some brown spots,flip over and drizzle some more oil and cook till crisp and evenly brown.Serve hot with toor dal chutney.


  1. roti looks delicious... interesting recipe..

  2. Looks very nice with toor dal chutney

  3. hi sonu
    My mom usually would make this, i never attempted to, thanks for the recipe, will surely try this, thanks for coming.

  4. This sounds very healthy n interesting to me...!!!

  5. hi sonu ,
    Akki roti roti looks so soft n delicious ,adding grated carrot must be a healthy a healthy option ...bookmarked..thanks for sharing


  6. I am loving this roti..very interesting n delish recipe, book marking it :)

  7. I have heard about it from my kannada friends, but never made it. I know it tastes great :)

  8. This is my fav too.nice presentation!

  9. Very nice and innovative way of preparing roti. Looks great. I will definitely try your lovely recipe.

  10. Akki roti is my fav but never had the guts to try it on my own ... u have given a quite a good explanation and pic allures me now it

  11. Wow... akki roti looks fantastic... its really a new one for me...

    Thanks for sending to my event dear...

    would definitely try out this... book marked


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