Saturday, August 28, 2010

rai aur tamatarwali sandwhich/tomato and seasoned mustard seeds sandwhich

This rai and tamatar wali sandwhich is one of my favourite and the oldest sandwhich of all,it brings back all my good old childhood memories ,when i was a school going kid i use to go and stay at my cousin's place in vacation as her daughters were very close to me and i use to love playing with them and whenever i use to go this sandwhich was fixed and had to be made ,even that time i was small but i would cherish this flavour with (only) tomatoes and seasoned by mustard seeds on top,i still miss her food,after  my mom if i liked somebody's food was then her's only,i still remember few of her famous dishes which i liked very much ,to name are pachmeli ki sabzi,thin and soft white dhoklas,small garma garam mathris fried and served instantly in the early morning during breakfast with  pickle,her kheer churma which she use to make every month for shyaam baba's ( our god krishna ) prasad,i also loved her chapan bhog prasad which she use to offer god and ofcourse how could i forget her homemade pedas,she was very famous in whole house for making them at home everytime on every occassion,the vaieties she use to make were just incredible and i still miss her food,thanx rekha di for this lovely simple and healthy sandwhich,i still njoy eating them :-)

makes 2 sandwhich
ingredients :
1 tbsp mustard seeds/rai
1 tomato thin slices
4 bread slices
salt to taste
black pepper pwd to taste
black salt to taste
oil as required
method :
Place few of the tomato slices between the two breads,sprinkle salt,pepper pwd and black salt .Heat tawa/pan/griddle,put abt half a teaspoon of oil in centre,heat the oil,splutter 1/2 a tsp mustard seeds and put the tomato stuffed sandwhich on the mustard seeds,toast it for few seconds on high flame ,remove the sandwhich and again heat oil and splutter mustard and flip over the sandwhich and toast the other side too,repeat the same with other slices of sandwhich and serve immediately with ketch up or green chutney or just njoy with tea/coffee.
Sending this my fav sandwhich to apy for her my favourite recipe event.


  1. can have sandwich anytime ...ur sandwich looks gr8 ..healthy n filling the addition of rai to it


  2. Awesome looking the use of mustard seeds..

  3. super and delicious !! like the idea of using rai...

  4. simple n different..tadka 2 sandwich sounds different

  5. quick & easy and very yummy as well

  6. yaad aagaya mujhko gujra jamana.....I also still remember these yummy sandwiches Rekha didi made.looks delicious Sonu.


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