Monday, August 23, 2010

strawberry pancakes with icecream

This is my 150th post , i am very excited as i never ever thought that  i would get so much of appreciation from people around the world,yes ,im feeling as if im on cloud nine today , trust me for me this was not an easy task,food blogging is ain't that easy,it requires lot of patience,time , concentration and above all interest in cooking,one should be creative and innovative at the same time and this is what im learning from my fellow bloggers and friends,cooking is an art and at times it is  fun too,the process of learning here is never ending and so i will keep learning more and more .Today it is a very special day as im writing my 150th recipe and  i never thought in my dreams also that i would every blog or rather i should say i could cook so many variety of indian as well as international dishes,i really want to thank you for all the support which i have been getting and encouragement from all my near and dear ones .Coming to this recipe ,this is quite simple and our family favourite,my daughter simply loves the pancake in combination with vanilla  icecream and ofcourse strawberries are her favourite fruit,so this time i added some chunks of strawberries in pancake batter ,any fruit and any flavoured icecream can be used according to your taste.
Sending this to pari for"only" -kids delight event and sanyukta for her color your palate- a visual treat event.

makes approx 6-8 pancakes
ingredients :
1 cup wheat flour (regular aata ,i used  annapurna )
1 cup buttermilk
1/2 tsp baking soda
2 tbsp sugar
a pinch of salt
1/2 cup strawberry (cut into small chunks)
maple syrup
any flavour icecream ( i used vanilla )
method :
Mix flour,soda,sugar and salt all togther,add buttermilk (adjust more or less to make a thick yet pourable batter ) ,fold in strawberry chunks and mix well,keep aside for 10 mins.Heat pan/griddle/tava,spread a laddle full of batter in the centre,drizzle oil all around the sides of pancakes,flip over and cook for few seconds and remove from the pan,serve immediately with your favourite scoop of icecream and drizzle some maple syrup with loads of strawberries .



  1. Yummyilicious and droolworthy pancakes, definitely a kid's friendly dish..

  2. congrats on ur 150th post...even I did my 150th post very recently....those pancakes look really yummy

  3. Congrats Sonal :) 150 is a long way..... all the best for the next 150 and beyond...
    Pancake with ice cream looks scrumptious!!

  4. wow sonal..150th post...u hv come a long long way..keep rocking girl..all the very best darling..thanks for the bful entry tomy event...pancakes looks droolworthy

  5. Congrats Sonal on your 150th post.The pancakes look mouthwatering !!

  6. beautiful presentation..pancake looks mouthwatering.

  7. congrats sonu for ur 150th post ...strawberry pancake looks awesome the presentation too


  8. Looks so delicious, beutifully carved strawberries.

  9. Hi,

    Your recipe lloks so inviting!!!!Cngrats on 150th post!!!



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