Friday, August 27, 2010

no cook strawberry (funny) bunny shape sandwhich for kids

My daughter is crazy for strawberries and last weekend when i forcefully took my hubby to victoria vegetable and fruit market here...he hates going to vegetable mkt  :(...we found the new season (spring is about to start ) starwberries which were too good looking and fresh and above all quite reasonable :P,i immediately picked up 4 boxes and  we 3 finished 2 boxes instantly,how crazy we 3 r ...actually not only my daughter but i would confess we all three like this fruit very much and those were very tasty also so we ended up eating more but the other 2 dabbas i kept away from my daughter as this time i wanted to make something out of this fruit as always we finish having only the fruit alone,so next morning i made strawberry pancakes which i already posted and today i made strawberry sandwhich for my daughter with her favourite bunny shape and she was jumping with joy after she saw me making them,she immediately wanted to have the whole bunny :),its a very simple ,easy,no cook sandwhich which iam sure all kids will njoy eating,also you can try making their fav shape which attracts them easily.Needless to say im sending this bunny to pari for her event kids delight and sana for her a visual treat event.

makes 1 sandwhich
ingredients :
4 sandwhich size bread slices ( i used white as my daughter likes white bread )
1/2 cup sliced strawberries
mayonnaise or any of your fav bread spread 
for decoration i used -
$ sweets
m & m's
few julienne of baby carrots
method :
Cut the centre white portion of the bread with circular sharp edged utensil ( i used my indian steel sharp edged katori ) or any biscuit cutter,spread mayonnaise on one side of the bread,place the strawberry slices and sprinkle some chat masala,cover with another slice of round bread with mayonnaise spread and serve.
for bunny shape : cut the bunny ear shape with your cooking scissors or a knife ,spread mayonnaise in centre and place a strawberry slice on it.For whiskers,first put some mayonnaise in centre and then place the carrot sticks ,for tongue use strawberry slice and some mayonnaise for teeth.For eyes i used m&m's and i sprinkles some dollar sweets for furry hair and on ears.



  1. Sonu, that is sooooooo nicely presented, love it :)

  2. thank u so much priya for ur quick comment,i m glad u liked this funny presentation ;)

  3. cute is that..sure kids will love it!:)

  4. Leave alone kids...I'm coming to your place to have this cute bunny
    Hamaree Rasoi

  5. wow sonu ,bunny is very cute ...u r so creative dear ...gr8 job


  6. Cute bunny...a perfect entry for the event...Sounds healthy n delicious too...:)

  7. so cute,any kid will love this one...

  8. Cute looking will definitely love this..

  9. Hi,

    The presentation is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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