Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Chuda chola (chola stands for kala chana and chuda means poha ),is popular cusine of bihar,basically its a combination of black chickpea and flattened rice flakes which is normally a staple breakfast for the localites.This is the yummiest breakfast i ever had at my in laws place long back,my co-sister's native is from bihar and she makes this wonderful bihari vegeterian cuisine with grounding all fresh masalas in the pestle everytime and even she makes chokha,litti,sattu ka paratha and many more to name and that too in mustard oil ,still cant forget this flavour and unique combo of poha and kala chana gravy,it surely tastes beautiful.Here in australia i dont have pestle at my home but in bangalore i use to pound the spices whenever i made this dish as it gave a gorgeous aroma and fresh flavour to the chana.It is quite healthy and nutritious and definately a must try dish friends.I usually make more roasted poha and keep in airtight containers,it even tastes good as a snack with a cup of coffee and also i make more chana so that we can have it with rice/roti in our lunch :P.Sending this to pari for her kids delight event.

serves for 2 ppl
ingredients for chuda :
250 gms poha (medium/thin )
2 tbsp ghee
black pepper to taste
salt to taste
method :
Heat ghee in a wide deep bottom pan /kadai,add poha and continuosly roast on high flame till crisp or till light brown in colour.Switch off the flame ,sprinkle pepper and salt and mix well.This can be cooled down and stored in air tight containers for a couple of days.
ingredients for chola :
1 cup kala chana/black chickpea
1 onion finely chopped
1 tomato finely chopped
2 tsp ginger-garlic green chilli pounded in pestle or paste
1-2 tsp red chilli pwd ( adjust acc to your taste )
1/4 tsp turmeric pwd
2 tsp corriander pwd
1-2 cloves,1 cardomon,2-3 black pepper corns,a small stick of cinamon to be pounded in pestle (if not pestle can be pwd in mixer too )
1/2 tsp amchur pwd
salt to taste
2-3 tsps oil
chopped cilantro
method :
Soak chana overnight,pressure cook with little salt and turmeric the next day.Heat oil,saute onions,add ground ginger,garlic,green chilli paste,fry for a while,add tomatoes and cook till pulpy.Add spices,salt,amchur pwd  and cooked chana.Mix well ,add some water and adjust according to the gravy (it should be little thin ,so that can be easily mixed with poha ) and simmer for a while.Garnish with cilantro.Serve hot with chuda (roasted poha )or also can be served with hot phulkas or steamed rice.


  1. Very interesting recipe dear, I have never had this combination and would love to try it. It can be a great snack for kids. Would truly appreciate if you can send it to my event.

  2. oh..this is totally my kind of food..can eat it any time any day..love love love it!

  3. very innovative recipe luks very nice...

  4. oh i love this combo ....looks so tempting ..


  5. have never seen this, looks great and tempting too

  6. Hey, that sounds wonderful and is new for me too, lovely :)

  7. Channa and Poha seems like a delectable combo.

  8. that looks super good.. fantastic clicks

  9. Lovely recipe, even i usually make poha chana but in a different way...loved your version too...and thanks for dropping by sonu, hope to c u again...

  10. what a coincidence , I have posted poha in my blog too , but this is completely never heard recipe for me ... looks yumm

  11. very interesting recipe..compliments da..:)

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  13. Great sounding recipe, I am already tasting the combinations and thinking how good it will be, thanks for sharing.

  14. Very nice, interesting and new type of dish. Looks delicious and perfect for snacks. Nice combo.

  15. Hi Sonal,

    Got to see your Guest postin Nithu's blog and I discovered yr blog.. Lovely space and veg dishes.. Looks like we started blogging at the same time.. Do drop down at mine.. Btw this combo is unique..haven't tried chiwda and chole together..Bookamrked


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