Sunday, April 11, 2010

suji halwa and my first award

I am very delighted to  recieve my first award from LEENA of namma saviruchi ,i really didnt expected these awards so soon :) , its been just 4 mths i started my blog initially with day to day simple & easy cooking which i happened to learn from my near and dear ones for my personal reference and never ever thought of landing between such wonderful,energetic,creative,thoughtful ,charismatic fellow bloggers ,i really thank to those specially who started these food blogs through which i came across such  people who are so passionate about cooking and i daily learn something new from their blogs which i would have never imagined in my whole life.I, once again thanx leena for keeping me in her mind while passing these awards .
As most of you know these awards have some rules which says that i have to share these awards with my fellow bloggers who u think they deserve and the second thing is that you have to share 10 honest things about you.
The later i feel is really difficult part :) but as per the rule i would like to reveal some of my secrets ...

1.My name is Sonal Agarwal ,marwadi by caste ,born and brought up in Aamchi Mumbai ,married to Ajay Agarwal who is from Hubli ( karnataka ) and we are blessed with the naughtiest girl on the earth ,Aarushi Agarwal :)
2.We three are settled in Bangalore but for my husbands project we have come to Melbourne ( Australia ) ,its been a year now and only Infosys knows for how long we are gonna be here...
3.I love my family( both mumbai fly & hubli fly..specially my inlaws..they are just super kewl and fantastic ppl  )a lots and will alwaz be thankful to them & god obviously for being with me  .
4.I like to have  my own space and freedom ,i dont like bossy and dominating ppl
5.I freak on all junk foods no matter its paav bhaji to pizza to paani puris,burgers,sandwhiches,vada pavs (all mumbai roadside food stalls..khaau gullis ;) ),i really dont believe in dieting stuff, i eat bindas whtever teases my palate..
6.I luv MUMBAI ....mumbai meri jaan & INDIA ...nothing like apna desh..mera bharat mahan !!
7.I am lazy bones,i prefer going out and eat rather cooking all the time ...and this is really true :) and luv to sleep till late on weekends..( which my husband dont like )
8.I can sit whole day on internet chatting & browsing things ;)
9. I am a shopping manic..i shop till i drop & last but not the least
10.I like helping people ( all my frends & family especially ) whenever they need me i am alwaz there for them..and luv to cook for them ,i like to impress them by my culinary arts which i came to know offlate :)...hehehehe

And now im sharing these awards with some of my fellow bloggers...
1.Jay of tasty apetite
4.malar gandhi of kitchen tantra
5.daisy blue of spicy lounge
6.jyoti of panchpakwan

To celeberate my first award i made suji halwa today and we all just loved it.
ingredients :
1 cup suji/rava/ coarse semolina
21/2 cups water
3/4 cup sugar ( pls adjust according to your taste )
cardomon pwd to taste
cashew nuts ,rasins and pistas to taste
2-3 tbsp ghee
one pinch yellow/orange food colour ( i have used orange here but the colour is optional )

method :
Heat 1 tbsp ghee ,add suji and cashew nuts,roast till the raw smell goes off ( may be for around 3-5 mins ) on medium flame.By the time add the water in another pan and let it boil ,mix the food colour in 2 tsps of water and keep aside.Add the hot water and then the coloured water in the roasted suji and stir continuosly avoiding all the lumps,when the water is absorbed add sugar and stir again for few mins.Let it cook till the sugar is completely dissolved stirring continously,add the remaining ghee and mix well .Sprinkle cardamon pwd and serve hot .


  1. Thanks for sharing Sonu, congrats on ur awards...Sooji kesari looks awesome..

  2. congrats on ur awards...first time here.All recipes very nice.

  3. Dear Sonu
    I am glad that u like my blog .Sooji kesari looks fabulous and tempting .Congrats on your award and thanks for sharing it with me .I am following u to keep in touch with your blog.

  4. Congrats on your awards. Nice halwa. Do drop in to my blog when time permits.

  5. Congrats dear sis on getting the awards.Halwa looks yummy.Kab khila rahi hai..:)

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