Saturday, April 17, 2010

pineapple halwa

On the weekend i had brought one small pineapple ,though i m not fond of pineapple fruit but i like pineapple juices very much and when i thought of making the pineapple juice out of this pineapple ,i just tasted one slice of it before making and i found it was little sour and not so tasty so my husband immediately thought of pineapple halwa which is quite famous in bangalore and it was long after coming to australia we did not had a chance of having it,and finally i ended up making this halwa and that day happened to call my friend with her sister who are here for a holiday and they both loved it very much.I am sending this recipe for priya's cws-cardomon seeds event.
ingredients :
1 cup suji/semolina/rava
1 cup sugar ( adjust according to your taste )
1/2 cup ghee
1 cup pineapple pulp ( peel and cut the pineapple into  pices and blend in a blender to make a pulp )
cashew nuts /almonds/rasins to taste
1-2 cardomon pods
1/2 tsp yellow food colour (optional / i used liquid food colour )
21/2 cups water
method :
Heat ghee in deep pan,add cashew nuts and cardomon ,add suji and roast till light pink in colour.Boil water in another pan and add yellow colour to the boiling water,after the suji is roasted add pineapple pulp and stir continously,add the boiling water and keep stirring to avoid lumps,when all the water is absorbed add sugar and mix well till the sugar is completely dissolved,sprinkle cardomon powder to taste and serve hot.


  1. Just love this, mouthwatering halwa...

  2. Pineapple halwa always gives a different look and feel to the normal sooji halwa !

  3. Delious halwa..Its always good to use fresh furits in sweet dish..

    Nice click too

  4. looks yummy dear.need to try this.

  5. I prepare this dish often in my house,yours looking delicious,we call this pineapple kesaribath...Lovely post..


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