Tuesday, April 20, 2010


It was a friday morning on 20th april 2007,it was akshaya tritiya today and exactly at 10.16 a.m ,a baby girl was born,she was simply stunning with wide eyes and just excited to see another colourful world who had been in dark in her mother's womb for 9 mths and was not ready to shut her eyes for a single minute ,she wants to see everything going on around her and gave sleepless nights ,as she always slept whole day and her day started bang in the night when her mother wanted to sleep badly,this is my daughter AARUSHI who was given name after 1 mth as we were in dilemma with usual conflicts of long listed names..it was really  difficult to choose one name...fianlly this was the name suggested by my dear sister which means first rays of sunlight...
she turned three today on 20th apr 2010,time flies so soon ,was thinking of yesterday when she was not able to talk on her last birthday and today she is just a  chatter box .. so talkative and naughty and adamant...phew!! its all the more difficult now at this stage to handle her,she is only 3 years old but sometimes she behaves like she is my grandma ,sometimes she is hilarious and sometimes very innocent,stubborn and aggressive gal...
she have entered into a new phase of her life now..she have started going to her kindergarten and hope she learns some new good activities..specially sharing which is a far cry for her..she wants to take stuff from others but she wont like to share her's with others..life is getting more complicated with all her new demands and styles ,she is so choosy and fussy most of the times but at the same time i have noticed if made her understand she definately listens and at times she is also corrupted, have to bribe her every now and then with her favourite lollies...may god bless her ...and give me some strength and patience to be a good mom..

Today i celeberated her birthday with few of my friends and their kids in a nearby park ,and must say had a gala time with all of them,my daughter's birthday party was kinda successful and rocking with all her friends and my friends who helped  me to make this party more into a  memorable event.I would like to thanks all of them by coming and helping me simultaneously and encouraging me ,this was my first such big snack b'day party ,there were total 20 adults and 19 kids...i have never thrown party for so many people before and was really worried but by god's grace everything was good and we all had a great time together,my daughter was also very happy and excited .And ofcourse last but not the least the spread which i made ..
1.choco chips and nuts muffins
2.chocolate pedas
3. crunchy cornflakes & oat cookies
4.almond pedas
5.spring rolls
6.veg  puffs
7.panneer rolls/wraps/indian style burritos
8.fairy bread

will soon post the recipes too ... :)


  1. Wishing ur cutie pie many more happy returns of the day...hugs and kisses to her:)..

  2. Wishing a very happy b'say to your daughter. Sounds like you all had rocking party!
    Menu of the party looks so yummy..just waiting too see all the delicious recipes!

    Loved your dauther's name.

  3. Wishing your baby .. Many Happy Returns of the Day !!
    I'm sure you all had a great time !! so now waiting for your recipes :)

  4. thank you dear priya,jyoti and kanchan...thanx a ton for ur wishes...

  5. Belated birthday wishes to your little angel.Many thanks for dropping by simply.food and using one of the recipes .Its always nice to receive feed back if you liked it or not.Following your blog.

  6. Hi Sonal,

    The party was great and so was the food! You have won an award !!! Thats fabulous! Your innovation is simply unique and I was amazed at the wonderful things you made the other day!

    Definitely looking forward to those recipes and will keep catching you on this blog!


  7. Wishing her many many more happy returns of the day:):)

  8. Wishing her many many birthday celebrations in future.... party dishes are really tempting too...

  9. Dearest Aashu...Happy Birthday!!
    waiting for all receipes Sonu....menu looks tempting.


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