Sunday, April 04, 2010


Khakras are one of the most common and favourite gujarati snacks  i ever had since my childhood.Its quite healthy and handy too,usually all kids and adults love the crunchy,munchy,crispy taste of it,its very tempting also.Generally khakras are made up of wheat flour adding lots of different varieties like masalas/spices (chiili pwd ,garam masala ),methi leaves,spinach paste ,pudina leaves etc but here i have just added carom seeds , very plain wheat flour khakra without using even a drop of oil ( totally fatfree ) as i had only 1 ball of dough left and wanted to finish that portion of dough,so i rolled them into carrom seeds and divided into 2 small portions and made 2 khakras out of it which we three finished after our meals in seconds just like we eat papads :),i had seen my mom doing this when we were small ,if 1 or 2 portions of the dough was remaining she use to make khakras and distribute among us, still we siblings use to fight over it,we all wanted to have some more of it.This leftover one ball of my chapati dough which turned into khakra flies to the event " leftover delicacies " hosted by dear Daisy. 
ingredients :
2 cups wheat flour  /atta/regular chapati flour
2 tsps carom seeds
1/2 cup kasthuri methi /spinach paste/finely chopped pudina leaves ( optional,can add for the flavour ,though i didnt use here )
1 tsp chiili pwd ( optional )
salt to taste
oil ( optional )
method :
Mix flour,salt,chilli pwd,kasthuri methi,carrom seeds together,add enough water and make the dough.Divide the dough into small equal balls ( half of your regular size chapati ball )roll the balls  very thin almost transparent chapatis using dry wheat flour very carefully so that it doesnt tear ,heat the tava/griddle,slap the chapati on it and roast both the sides till half done,then apply very little oil ( i usually dont put oil )on both the sides,flip over and with the help of clean kitchen towel press the chapati in circular motion moving on the tava on a low flame till it is evenly browned,this is very important step so that the chapati doesnt puff up and it will get more crisp and stiff,then turn over and roast the same way till it becomes crisp and brown.Let it cool down for few mins ,repeat the same process for all the portions of the dough and then you can stack it up and store in air tight containers.Khakras are usually eaten with pickles/ground peanut dry chutney/phutane chutney ,also i luv to apply little ghee/oil all over the khakra sprinkling little salt and red chilli powder and having with hot coffee/tea.


  1. I am looking for the recipe,thanks for sharing Sonu!

  2. Have never tried making khakra at home.. I'm sure this recipe is going to help many people..

  3. Hi Sonu,u have a beautiful space, do send that dutch pancakes once u prepare at home..will be waiting for ur entry..thanks in advance..

  4. @ priya ..thanq u so much for visiting my blog..will soon send my entry
    @DB.. i hope so it helps pls do try at home..
    @ leena..thanx try and lemme know ..


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