Saturday, April 24, 2010

chocolate pedas

These days im am following too many blogs and when my daughter's birthday came closer by i literally was too happy and excited as i had a chance now to try all my fellow bloggers recipes which i had bookmarked since long,i was really amused by the various new inventions made by them and heartily thanx them for sharing those recipes ,im just learning more and more varieties these days ,i made these chocolate pedas for my daughter and her tiny friends and i felt it was too easy and quick to make as well,it was fun making these pedas as my kid also helped me ,she was quite excited as well and was njoying every bit to roll them in her tiny palms ,she was the first person to taste and she immediately responded by saying one word " yummy " and it really made my day.I picked up this recipe from my favourite blog priya's easyntastyrecipes who is very creative and innovative chef ,please guys do drop in her blog ,its my sincere request.I just made some slight changes in this recipe, i reduced the quantity of condensed milk ,the actuall recipe asks for 1+1/4 th cup of condensed milk where as i used only 1 cup which was perfect sweet for our family and i used dollar sweets instead of almond for decoration as i thought kids will find it more attractive.
ingredients :
2 cups milk powder
1 cup of sweetened condensed milk
1 tbsp butter
2 tbsp of dark chocolate pwd  ( i didnt had dark chocolate so used 2 tbsp of cocoa pwd )
1-2 tsp cardomon pwd
almond flakes / $ sweets for decoration
method :
In a microwave safe bowl mix milk powder,chocolate pwd/cocoa pwd,butter,condensed milk and cardamon pwd and mix well ,it will be quite sticky and stiff but do mix well and microwave it on high for 2-3 mins stirring occassionally till the mixture gets crumbled ( pls note ...the cooking time may vary according to different  microwave qualities ).Let the mixture cool for a while , form into the desired shape when still little warm,applying little butter on your palms.Decorate them with sprinkling a pinch of dollar sweets on them or else you can even use almond flakes instead.


  1. Hy Sonu,

    This recipe looks rocking n perfect. Can't wait till tomorow to give a try. thanks dear.

  2. Looks very tempting Sonu, nice nibble's for sweet toothies.. like me:)

  3. Looks very cute and tempting dear :-)

  4. Chocolate pedas look lovely and delicious.So cute and perfect for a kids party.

  5. Thank u jay,leena,nayana & aruna

  6. Wow Sonu, thanks for trying this pedas,looks so cute dear..

  7. Hi SOnu
    Pedas look very very cute and lovely

  8. hmmm...yummmy.I will try them too.I am sure Diya and Disha will love em.thanks to u and ur fellow bloggers.

  9. Thank u priya ...all credit goes to u babes
    @rinku thanx dear sis ...I'm sure kiddies wil luv them & u too
    @padhu thanx dear for the lovely comment

  10. Wow Sonu, looks so delcious and chocolic peada.. Thx for sharing!

    Shared some awards with you do collect it from by blog.


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