Friday, April 02, 2010

rasgulla with icecream

Actually on the weekend i had called my friend and her family on dinner and had really planned in a very short time,so didnt had much time in my hands,so thought of buying a ready made sweet dish and as usual when if i am busy with cooking in my kitchen ,all the grocery and outside work is loaded on my dear hubby and finally he ended up with buying a can of rasgullas,somehow he wanted to have it ,so he started giving excuses that there were no other sweets left and bla..bla...bla...hmmmm.okie i said,thats fine, now that rasgullas are at my home we will definately use them,but ohoh these are the tin ones...i just dont like them,i feel they are too sweet and not so fresh but for my guests i had to offer some sweet dish and we were running out of the time so i quit arguing and finally after the dinner ,the sweet dish was served,i was glad  they liked the rasgullas very much as they had a sweet tooth they did not find it very sweet,phew !! great ,was really relieved with the guilt of serving them extra loaded sugary sweet dish...;),but i saw still few of them ,yeah actually exactly 4 of them are left,so as usual i dumped them in my refrigerator.3 days have already passed and still the rasgullas are lying  and i am just not liking them so finally i called my co-sister and seeked her advice and there she gave me this wonderful idea of  the leftover rasgullas which turned out to be a droolling dessert .This will be my another entry for the event "the leftover delicacies" hosted by Daisy Blue of  spicy lounge and soon will have to make something out of the leftover rasgulla syrup,which i hope will be my last entry for this event ;)
ingredients :
4 rasgullas  ( homemade/ready made from sweet mart or tin ones any rasgullas will do )
4 scoops plain vanilla icecream
1/2 cup dark chocolate grated/shavings ( i used mix dairy milk and dark chocolate )
method :
Remove the rasgullas from the sugar syrup and squeeze the rasgullas gently under the running water tap taking care it does not break,take off from the tap and make sure there is no water and syrup in the rasgullas,keep it aside.Take the icecream scoops and put them in a mixing bowl and beat them with your hand mixie or an electric beater or a spoon or an egg beater for 2-3 mins.Dip the rasgullas in the melted ice cream and mix gently so that all the rasgullas are covered nicely.Place all the rasgullas in the serving bowl with the icecream all over,sprinkle grated chocolate on top ,cover with a cling sheet or a lid and place it in freezer to set for an hour,please see that the rasgullas doesnt turn hard like ice cream,so you have to make an hr before serving it.


  1. Dear you are on a roll with all the leftover cookings :) All brilliant ideas..loved this one too...

  2. Nice dessert recipe. Regarding the global kadai event, it was a typo in the post. You could post it anytime before May 7th! Looking forward to your entry.

  3. thanx divya...oh ohk thot so.. no worries will surely send it soon..


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