Wednesday, June 02, 2010

baked samosa

Now a days many of my friends are going back to india and settling down there and few are gone for a month's vacation,so all of them have handed me their leftover pantry stuff ,i guess they know that im a big foodie and now that i have started blogging ,i try many new dishes and they were very confident that i would make good use of it rather than wasting and throwing such useful nutritious and expensive stuff ,and so these days my kitchen is full of different kind of mix groceries though in small quantities ,one of my friend gave me her home made maharashtrian kala masala,which is just mind blowing and tastes just perfect,this time when i was making samosas i added this masala and to my surprise they tasted awesomely good .Actually  this masala is very useful and handy while making amti,kala chana,masala bhaat etc,many people still make this at home though its a bit long process and requires umpteen number of spices but let me tell you its worth it,and i was quite lucky to recieve this ready made from my dear friend sheetal ....miss you yaa :(

ingredients : 
2 ready rolled store bought  puff pastry sheets
2 potatoes boiled and cubed
1/2 cup boiled fresh peas or thawed frozen peas soaked in hot water for few mins.
2 tsp home made maharashtrian kala masala ( you can find the recipe here ) or if u dont have it use garam masala instead ( adjust according to your taste )
1/2 tsp turmeric pwd
1 tsp red chilli pwd
1/2 tsp cumin seeds
2-3 broken curry leaves
1/2 tsp amchur pwd / lemon juice to taste
salt to taste 
chopped corriander leaves
2 tsp oil
method :
Heat oil,splutter cumin,curry leaves,add potatoes,peas and all the masalas and mix well.Let it cool down.Thaw the pastry sheets for 5-10 mins,take one sheet and cut in any desired shape ,spoon a potato and peas filling and seal the edges with water ,grease a baking tray and bake in a preheated oven at 200 c for 10-15 mins or until brown in colour ( pls keep an eye as different oven may vary the temp.).I luv using puff sheets in  different shapes ,so i made the filling and tried using it in various shapes ..serve hot with tamarind chutney without any guilt feeling ;)


  1. wow. so may shapes and sizes. Love ur baked samosas dear. U are lucky that u have so many friends to give u their food stuffs and masalas when they go back. thats so nice of them. Before I too used to clean up my fridge and give all the items to my tamil neighbour. Now that I don't go for long vacation( as I am working) and also shifted to a new place.

  2. Loved the idea of baked rather than fried.Nice varied shapes you have made.

  3. Looks the pics..nice shaped you made..

  4. Hey wow baked samosa is interesting....nice one....thnx for sharing...

  5. Woww wat a fabulous samosa, love the fact that they are baked..

  6. Lovely samosa's..good see they are baked! thanks for sharing..

  7. looks great...will definitely try this one...

  8. Love pastry puff sheets, they are so versatile!
    Stuffing sounds delicious too and love those different shapes!

  9. Loved the different styles of samosas. Baked samosa is interesting, different from the usual. Nice idea.

  10. they look perfect and crispy dear :-)

  11. Looks so mouthwatering somasa..Loved it!

  12. Whoo, what a lovely idea - baking, sounds healthy...loved those cute lil shapes.


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