Tuesday, June 15, 2010

reposting : nirvana (mocktail)

This incident is quite funny ,once  there was a marraige proposal for my husband's brother,the girl was from kolkatta,but her sister was settled in bangalore and the girl had come to stay at her sisters place for few days,and suddenly we heard of them and we went to meet her,we were really embarrased so as to how to start the conversation ,all these arrange marraiges are so difficult and funny at times,they first served us this drink saying its "nirvana " and we were like grrr...wht...huh! we were like thinking but still smiling at the same time and confused wether to drink or not,but the drink was so attractive that we all cudnt take our eyes off ..and there i had my first sip,hmmm.. yum yum ,and then second ...yummy and immediately had more, just cudnt resist to finish it all :),meanwhile came to know that drink was made by the girl and we were higly impressed with her,also finally at the end of the day we approved her to be my co-sister and within few months they got married,since then i had this drink in my mind and after she came to our house i asked her to share this recipe with me and now its my favourite drink till date.

( serves 2 ppl/2 glasses )
ingredients :
300 ml sprite/limca
2 large scoops of vanilla ice cream
2 tsps khus sharbet ( i use haldiram khus sharbet )
1tbsp lemon juice
for decoration :
few drops of khus sharbet
1-2 small dallops of vanilla ice cream
sliced lemon
This drink is now floating towards madhuri's event " serve me some juices,shakes,smoothies".and daisy blue's "chef of the lounge-summer challenge" event,also to diya's show me your smoothie event .
method :
Blend together sprite,khus syrup,lemon juice,icecream till frothy and smooth and pour into a glass.Add 1-2 tsps of icecream,drizzle few drops of khus syrup,put the straw in the glass,place the sliced lemon on the rim of the glass and serve immediately.

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  1. This drink looks wonderful.I love the green colour.Yes you are right we have both selected the same blog template.:) I like it because its simple and can be adapted to make it more personal to suit each blog space.


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