Sunday, September 12, 2010

gud ke modak for ganpati bappa in my mom's style !

Ganpati bappa morya,mangal murti morya ...morya re bappa morya re..morya re bappa morya re..ganpati bappa morya..mangal murti morya...just luv these lines, today i am missing amchi mumbai soooo much..cant forget the entire nostalgic ganesh chaturthi day ,which was crazily spent ,at my mom's place we get the ganesha idol ,before hand we all family members together use to decorate the whole place for ganeshji and after that we use to go and sing the above lines and buy our ganeshji and then do the staphana,we do the puja/aarti both the times and my mom se to make prasad daily both the times ,morning and evening times for all 11 days and on the last day we use to go for visarjan and i always literally use to feel like crying and felt bad after coming home as that place was now empty ,and ganesha has gone from our house ,we use to keep the decoration like that only for 2-3 days and then remove,i just cant express my feeling now..feeling too bad,those old childhood memories,every year my dad use to take us all around mumbai for ganpati darshan,the famous big idols ,we use to stand in long queues but the waiting time was worth watching the themes and shapes of attractive ganeshas..missing all those beautiful days ..:(((,newayz coming to this recipe,this is my mom's speciality i would say,not only for ganesh chaturthi ,even on daily basis she makes this modak and stores and everyday morning while her puja she offers this modak to her ganesha and after some time that modak will be in my tummy ;) i simply freak on these modaks,now also whenever i go to mumbai at my mom's place my mom will give me daily that modak in prasad..luv u and miss u so much mom :( ,the recipe is simple yet unique as it is my and my mom's luv towards ganeshji,i have to confess this today,lord ganesha is my favourite god,once a week i keep fast for him and every year i make this modaks on this day :)
ingredients :
1 cup wheat flour /regular aatta
1/2 cup -3/4th cup ghee
3/4th-1cup shredded/grated jaggery or finely scraped (add more or less acc to u r sweetness )
method :
Heat ghee in a deep pan/kadhai,add flour,stir continuosly and roast till dark brown on medium flame,take care not to burn the flour.Take off from the flame,add jaggery and mix well.Wait till it cools down a little and shape them into modaks taking a tablespoon of mixture,keeping on your palms and using other hand fingers,shape them nicely and yum modaks are ready to eat.
pls note:
1. add first 1/2 cup ghee and if required add more,dont add too much ghee ,while roasting the aatta should not be running consistency 
2.add jaggery only after switching off the flame or else it will melt and get liquidy
3.wait till it cool down a little otherwise u may burn your hands/fingers,but at the same time it should not be completely cold otherwise it will be difficult in binding them. can add almonds/nuts,cardomon pwd but i like it as it is since my mom doesnt add anything else.


  1. Looks delicious...simple and yumm one :)


  2. Your post took me to the memory lane Sonal.. Childhood memories and food from Mom's kitchen are the things that will be relished forever!
    Lovely modaks !

    US Masala

  3. wow, love it !!! Happy vinayak chaturthi to you too.

  4. wonderful Sonal..Modak looks so quick to make and delicious..Happy vinayak chaturthi.

  5. Hi Sonal, Looks great.Unique idea.We actually make the same thing but call it Ram prasad and make it on Ram Navmi day. Either we leave it as a mixture in powder form or else make laddoos out of it. But now I think I can make modaks too!

  6. Ganapati Bappa Moriya...modak looks good Sonu.


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