Monday, September 03, 2012

Spinach paratha for brunch !

I love the baby spinach which we get here in London,so cute and fresh :-) ,greens were really not one of my favourites when i was young ,but somehow later when i grew i developed the taste and now i love it to the core.Today's dish is a very simple,easy peasy and healthy,prefect for breakfast and the best thing is that we can  have it as a brunch also.I am sure everyone are aware of the high nutritonal value of spinach  ,it is very power-packed and one of the most super power foods.Instead of spinach sometimes i use fresh fenugreek leaves also ( methi leaves ),grated paneer and onions ,which also tastes awesomely yummy as the stuffing.This style of making paratha was taught by my mom and the methi stuffed was one of my regular breakfast before marraige.I was quite happy to make this style as making round paratha was quite tedious for me and all the more my stuffing use to come out when i was just a learner."Practice makes the man perfect ",yeah this is obviously the perfect proverb which applies while making chapatis/parathas,not an easy task man,now after years of cooking finally i manage to make round parathas :-),so if you are not good in making rounds,dont worry try this style ;)

approx will make 6-7 parathas
ingredients :
2 cups fresh chopped spinach leaves
red chilli pwd to taste
salt to taste
oil for frying ( i drizzled some olive oil on the parathas for frying )
1-11/2 cups whole wheat flour + 1/2 cup extra( dry flour for rolling the paratha) ( regular chapati aatta )
water as required
method :
Mix little water,salt in the flour to make a medium soft chapati dough.Cover and keep aside for 5-10 mins.Meanwhile wash spinach leaves thorough under running water .Strain well and chop the leaves finely.Spread the chopped leaves on a fresh dry kitchen towel so that it soaks all the extra water.Grease the dough with few drops of oil and knead once.Pinch a lemon size dough and roll it to a chapati with help of dry flour .Spread some (handful of ) chopped spinach leaves on one side ,sprinkle red chilli pwd and salt on it.Fold the chapati to the other end ,again roll once the semi circle chapati.Carefully put this stuffed spinach paratha on a preheated tava/griddle/pan .Drop few spoons of oil on both sides ,press the paratha evenly with the help of spatula and fry the paratha till it get brown spots and evenly roasted.Remove it from the pan, place it on your serving plate,cut into halves and serve hot with yogurt or pickles.

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