Friday, August 31, 2012

My fav chaat ,Panipuri & a winner of a giveaway in London

Recently in London ,the smiling sun was quite in a mood and we were having such bright sunny days that most of the time we spent in the gardens and beaches .A couple of weeks back i had my first potluck and considering the sun showing some empathy on us i opted for panipuri .I have made panipuri quite a few times before and ofcourse i had it end number of times on the streets of mumbai ,infact i can say i have grown up eating panipuris ;)....buh this time i made the panipuri from the scratch,i rolled and puffed the puris which turned out nearly perfect that also in my very first attempt,im so proud of myself...hehehehe yeah i know this is too much now buh i really had a myth that making puris is a tedious job ,believe me i proved myself wrong.If you have a perfect puri recipe in your hand and if you are  following the proper technique then nowhere you are making a mistake.
I want to share some good news you all ,hey wait a min ,dont misunderstand,no im not pregnant or so ...just that i recently won a GIVEAWAY which was hosted by NAYNA from simple sensational food.I won a pair of free tickets for foodies festival at battersea park in London.I had tried my luck before in entering quite a few giveaways but everytime i was disappointed,this time luckily i won and that too for foodies festival,what better than this can it be right ? So my hubby who is also a big foodie joined me for the festival .We had gala time tasting and experiencing various foods,drinks and the amazing culinary talents.Will write and post some of the event pics in my next post .Till then tc and njoy the weekend !
Without any further delay lets go to the chatpata chaat recipe ....


ingredients for 50 puris ( puri recipe is taken from manjula's kitchen ) -
3/4th cup suji ( i used coarse semolina / rava )
1/4th cup maida (plain flour )
1/2 cup water ( or as required,for me this qty was good enough )
method :
Mix rava and maida together ,add water and make a dough.Knead the dough until it is firm and pliable .Cover with a damp cloth and keep aside for 10-15 mins.Pinch a golf size dough and roll it flat and thin like a big round chapati ,with a help of round cookie cutter or any sharp cutter scoop out the circles as shown in the picture above and deep fry them on medium heat ,with the back of your frying spoon press the puri to puff up and fry till they turn golden in colour.Strain the excess oil on the kitchen towel.Once they get cooled down store in an airtight container for few days and use as required .

ingredients for pani -
1 bunch pudina leaves ( mint leaves)
1 bunch corriander leaves ( cilantro )
7-8 green chillies ( pls adjust acc to your taste,i luv spicy water )
1 tsp chopped ginger
salt to taste
kala namak ( black salt ) to taste
black pepper pwd to taste
cumin powder to taste ( roasted jeera pwd )
amchur pwd to taste ( dry mango pwd )
7-8 cups water ( adjust more or less )
1/2 cup plain boondi ( optional )
method :
Clean the pudina and corriander and wash thoroughly under cold running water.Mix pudina ,corriander,green chillies and ginger together,add some water and grind into a paste just like u grind a chutney.Strain this paste adding the water .Add all the other ingredients in this water and refrigerate until you use it.When serving add the boondis and put this paani in the puris.

ingredients for potato and chana masala
2-3 boiled and mashed potatoes
1/2 cup kala chana ( soaked overnight and pressure cooked with little salt and turmeric )
salt to taste
cumin pwd to taste
red chilli pwd to taste
1-2 tsps lemon juice
black salt to taste
chopped cilantro to taste
method :
Crush the boiled chanas with your fingers  and mix it with mashed potatoes.Add the rest of the ingredients ,mix everything together and the filling to put in the puri is ready .

Assembling the panipuris :
For assembling the pani puris ,crack the puri with a finger in the centre( make a small hole ). Fill the puris with boiled  potato and chana masala. Fill each puris with the hot and sour pani (water). Serve immediately !


  1. Love pani puri to the core... Looks so tempting

  2. I can die for it..Droolinggggggg here.

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