Monday, August 20, 2012

Elaichi & kesar pedas for our first UK bloggers meet :)

Hey friends ! hope everyone are in pink of their health.Life has really been a roller coaster ride so far ..... finally after settling down in a new country,state,city and ofcourse our new home in London ,i am back to blogging.I have been ususally lucky as when i moved from Australia to India i got a chance to meet the lovely bloggers from bangalore and now when im in UK i had a chance to meet some of the UK bloggers and trust me i never ever imagined in my life that i may move to London and meet such amazing foodies one fine day.To begin with we were 8 of them and had such a lovely day out,besides a foodie and a blogger they all are wonderful humans too and that is what surprised me ;) .We had such a gala time sipping,chatting ,eating and gossiping together the whole sunny afternoon .The hang over is still there and we are not enough with the pics and are pretty much alert on our messangers as well.Had tried for the first time these small sweet treats for everyone and i was glad to know the results.Thank you guys for liking the pedas !

approx makes 18-20 pedas
ingredients :
11/2 cups mava ( grated or crumpled )
1/2 cup sugar ( please adjust more or less acc to your sweet tooth )
1/2 cup whole full fat milk
1 tsp elaichi pwd
4-5 strands of kesar
2 tsps ghee + 1/2 tsp extra
handful of almond flakes or pistachios
method :
In a microwave safe bowl add mava ,sugar,milk,elaichi and kesar together.Give it a stir and throw in microwave .Heat on 800 w for 8-10 mins ,stirring every 2 mins in between OR till it starts getting thick enough.Once the mixture is little crumbly and thich enough take it out from the micro and let it cool down or else you will burn your fingers.After few mins,apply the extra ghee on your palms and roll the mixture into a smooth and fine dough.Scoop out 1 tbsp of dough and mould it into whatever desired shape you like.Sprinkle some almond flakes/pistachios on top and press it little with your thumb.Let it set for some time and store it for a couple of days.


  1. Attractive and cute pedas, prefect for the meet.

  2. very yummy and delicious... waiting for the post of blogger meet...

    Event: Dish Name Starts With N till August 31st


  3. hi bhabhi..welcome back to the blogland :) missed you and your yummy preparations..
    saw your blogger meet pics..must have had a gala time for sure!

  4. Pedas were too delicious, thanks for bringing them and thanks for the recipe too.., I was greedy enough to ask you the rest :)), I love milk based products.., Enjoyed every minute of the meet, had a lovely time with you all and thanks to you all for waiting for me..., Oh!, I forgot first time here, I love your space, I am so happy I met you..following you so I wouldn't any updates.

  5. oh What fun - hope y'all have a whale of a time - the pedas are a great idea - looking delicious

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