Sunday, September 04, 2011

Shahi tukda !!

Ahh ! finally after a long time i am blogging ,was facing lots of issues related to blog,was not able to see my dashboard,sometimes my edit posts were invisible and the pics whatever i was uploading were not etall visible in the drafts ,i really wonder was it happening with me only or anyone else in the blogosphere was facing these problems too ...anyways,i really apologise because of that i missed all my fellow blogger's yummy dishes ,no worries will surely check it out soon,also this being a festive month was little busy.This new interface ,rather " new look "of blog is also driving me crazy,will take some time to get a hang of it,still exploring the space and im loving it,i sometimes like the changes in my life similarly i liked the changes in the blogging concept too :) .Coming to todays post,i am sharing the famous Hyderabadi dessert , shahi tukda,the  indulgence in the authentic royal dish is not less then a sin ,however you can make this dish without deep frying in ghee instead you can simply toast it also the bread can be immersed in low fat milk too!I had surprised my dear friend by treating her with this dessert,she loves this royal indian sweet very much ,and thus i follwed the traditional way of making.I am glad she liked my crunchier variation,though it was new to her :D

approx serves 3-4 ppl
ingredients :
3-4 slices of bread,cut into 4 equal square portions or any shape you like
ghee for deep frying
few raisins,cashew nuts,almonds,chiroli seeds,pistachios,etc.
for sugar syrup :
1/2 cup sugar
1 cup water
cardomon pwd to taste
1 tsp gulab jal ( rose water )
few strands of kesar ( saffaron )
for 1 cup rabdi  :
1 cup evaporated milk ( instead you can use 2 cups full cream milk and reduce it on slow flame till half )
1/4 cup condensed milk
cardomon pwd to taste
saffaron few strands
sugar as per your taste ( i didnt add any as i had used sweetened condense milk which was enough sweet )
method :
Heat ghee in a deep frying pan.Cut the bread slices as per the shape.Deep fry the slices in ghee till golden brown in colour and drain on a paper napkin.In the left over ghee ,fry all the nuts and keep aside .
Boil the sugar and water togther for the sugar syrup for 10-15 mins on low heat.Turn off the heat.Add cardomon pwd,saffaron and rose water.
In a heavy bottomed pan heat eveaporated milk,on a very low heat,stir continuosly for 8-10 mins.Add condensed milk and keep stirring and scraping from the sides for another 7-8 mins.Turn off the heat .Add cardomon pwd and saffaron and keep it aside.The rabdi or thickened milk is ready.
Take the deep fried bread slices whilst hot and dip it into the hot sugar syrup for a min and place it on the serving plate.Spoon the rabdi ( thickened milk ) on the bread slices,garnish it with the fried nuts and serve immediately or you can chill it in referigerator for some time and serve chilled.


  1. welcome back Sonu - We have all had some issues with blogger recently - looks like they were updating their site - The Shahi tukda looks so yum - would love to have this now :)

  2. Damn inviting shahi tukda,simply irresistible..

  3. My hubs fav ~ your beautiful post reminded I haven't made it since ages..

  4. wow bhabhi this looks soo yummm..cant wait to try accept the Butterfly Award from my blog

  5. one of my favourites!!!! good to see the traditional way of making it


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