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Mithas e-guftagu from India's masterchef 1



Pardon me ! Warm new year wishes to each and everyone of you from Palate Corner .So here i come after a long long long break as i moved from Australia to India and finally after the helluva time i am back to my blogging,also  my apologises for not blog hoping these days, was really tied up and had no proper net connection .I did had a chance to meet many food bloggers in bangalore which was super amazing and unbelievable .I am sure everyone must be aware of it and ofcourse the credit goes to Facebook.As everyone knows India's masterchef 2 is also finished and i am glad that this time i had a chance to follow,the last few months of this show and am very happy for India's 2nd masterchef Shipra Khanna ,she is very well deserved candidate but on the other hand i  liked Shazia  a lotz,i thought she'll be the masterchef of this season.Anyways recently i went through  the website of India's masterchef and i was very disappointed as they had posted very limited recipes unlike Australia's masterchef and i desperately wanted one of the  recipes but i was unable to hunt on their site ,when i was browsing i found this dessert on India's Masterchef 1 site and i quite liked the name though  the elements in the dish r very common and familiar to all ,but to be very frank i never thought of assembling all those elements together ,so inspite of being common and simple dish it looked extremely beautiful and delicious.I assembled this dish with ma own measurements and method unlike the original recipe .This dish was actually made on my second blog anniverary which was in last week of decemeber,Yess !! I have completed 2 long years of blogging and cooking up these yummy dishes but had been sheepishly lazy to blog about it,so without any much ado lets go straight to the yummylicious recipe .
approx for 4-5 ppl
ingredients for phirni :
1/2 litre full cream milk
1/2 cup  sugar
3 tbsp basmati rice,washed and drained
1 tsp cardomon pwd
1/2 tsp rose water
1-2 tbsp mixed sliced nuts - almonds,cashews,pistachios,chiroli
3-4 strands of saffaron soaked  in 1tsp of warm milk
method :
Boil milk ,lower the flame and simmer for 10-15 mins.Meanwhile drain the soaked rice and grind it to a coarse powder form and keep it aside,once the milk is simmered for a while then add this powdered rice and stir it for a while,let it simmer till the rice cooks well enough and becomes soft and mushy.Once the rice is cooked,add sugar and mix well,keep stirring as the rice gets thickened in the milk and it may stick to the bottom of your pan so occassionally keep stirring.After the sugar gets dissolved add cardomon pwd ,kesar and when the phirni is cooled down add  rose water.

ingredients for rabdi :
1 cup milk ( full cream )
3 tbsp grated khoya
3-4 tbsp sugar
a pinch of cardomon
1-2 strands of saffaron
method :
Mix milk and grated khoya together,simmer it for a while ,keep stirring occassionally.Add sugar according to your taste ,once the milk gets thick enough ( yet pourable) add cardomon pwd and saffaron ,mix well and keep it aside.The thick rabdi is ready.

ingredients for crispy sevaiyan:
1/2 cup thin sevaiyan ( i used mtr roasted vermicilli as i didnt had sevaiyan )
2 tsp ghee
1/2 cup sugar
method :
Mix sugar and very little water just to soak the sugar and boil and make a sugar syrup of two thread consistency.Heat ghee and fry sevaiyan to golden brown colour.In the sugar syrup add the roasted sevaiyan and mix well for 1-2 mins.Turn off the gas and your crispy sevaiyan are ready.

Assembling the dish :
Take a bowl / wine glass add half the glass phirni,top it with some sliced/chopped dry fruits ,sprinkle it with a tbsp of sevaiyan ,to top it add a tbsp of rabdi  and garnish with some more dryfruits.Keep the dish for some time in refrigerator and chill well before serving.Mithas-e guftagu is ready to eat.


  1. Gud to see you back ...Happy New Year and this looks so yum ....nice job

  2. Welcome to the blogging world. An awesome dessert accompanied by amazing clicks.

  3. Mouthwatering here, wat a terrific and super tempting dish..Glad to see back Sonal..

  4. Even I felt the same for Master Chef Sonu, I think they should keep all the recipes being prepared on the show. Anyways, Loved your version here ..

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