Monday, October 04, 2010

dinkache laadoo/gond ke ladoo/edible gum sweet balls

"Dink "..means gond/goond/edible gum in marathi language and this is a maharashtrian style of ladoo which are made specially for post delivery women which helps with the lactation  for the new born child,it is meant to be very healthy and nutritional ,also perfect for winters as it provides heat in the body,here the ladoos are not roasted ,very easy to make and  takes less time in making,not required much of ghee and can be stored for quite a few days,today i made these ladoos for my dear friend as she delivered a cute little girl exactly a week back and thought these would be apt for her at this point of stage,i hope she likes them :)

ingredients :
1/2 cup gond/goond/edible gum
1 cup cashew nuts (unsalted-unroasted )
11/2 cups almonds (unsalted-unroasted )
1/4 cup walnuts
1/4 cup dry dates ( deseeded )
1/2 cup dessicated fine coconut
11/2 cups sugar (add more or less acc to your taste )
1/4th cup to 1/2 cup melted ghee ( add more or less accordingly when required for  binding )
method :
Grind sugar, almonds ,cashew nuts,dates and goond all seperately one by one into powder form,add coconut.Mix all together,add ghee and bind the mixture in desired size ladoos,you can store this ladoos for a fortnight.
pls  note :
1. the difficult part is to deseed the dry dates,as they are very hard,if not with a sharp knife you can add them in your mixie jar and grind the dates with switching on and off the mixer knob for seconds and the seeds will be automatically deseeded and then u can remove the seeds from the jar and grind the dates again into powder.
Sending these ladoos to nithu bala for guest hosting celeberating sweets-ladoo ,an event by nivedita and sending my first picture to sana for her event colour your palate-"a visual treat ."


  1. My mother used to bring lots of gond ka ladoos after my pregnancy. Very good for health. Looks perfect dear
    Hamaree Rasoi

  2. Healthy laddoos, after a long i got to had and try these laddoos, love it much..urs looks beautiful and prefect!

  3. i love these ladoos ..u made them so perfecting ...i love goondh ka halwa too ..yummy


  4. Gond ke laddoo is my fav..have never been able to find it here in the US :(..your looks fab n so perfect..nice recipe dear!

    US Masala

  5. Laddoo looks very tempting with all my favorite nuts. Good one.

    Aaha Oho

  6. Laddoo looks yummy. Good one!

  7. Those laddoos look so delicious...

  8. This is a horrible recipe where dink is not fried and used raw to make laddoos , none of d suckers pointed this out to you in comments . Duh !


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