Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Gulab Jamuns ( Deep fried milk fudge balls in sugar syrup)

As i mentioned in my earlier post that i completed 200 posts in my blog,it was but obvious that i had to make some beautiful and yummy dish to celeberate so i decided to make gulab jamuns, though im not very fond of sweet dishes , my husband definately loves and is having a sweet tooth,my daughter is very selective in sweet dishes,she is fond of gulab jamuns and so i decided to make them.Its not that i have never tried gulab jamuns earlier,i have definately made a couple of times before but this time when i made it turned out so perfect and gorgeous that my hubby had to comment that it was sure shot a ready made sweet mart style and bingo !! that was the best comment i ever got from him,he usually never passes such comments even in his jokes ,he is my best critics i can say and his compliment was more than enough for me to post this gulab jamun's  here.These days i am going through a lot of cookery books and i picked this recipe from one of those books.The book is Kurma Dasa's Vegeterian World Food.

makes approx 20-22 balls
ingredients for jamuns ( balls ):
21/2 cups full cream milk powder
6 tsps self raising flour
3/4th cup warm milk ( or as required )
ingredients for syrup :
23/4 cups sugar ( actual recipe is 33/4 cup but i used less , pls adjust according to your sweetness )
4 cups water
cardamon pwd to taste
2 tbsps gulab jal ( pure distilled rose water )
other ingredients :
oil or ghee for deep frying
1-2 tsps of warm ghee ( unclarified butter )
method :
Combine water and sugar together in a huge deep pan on a medium heat and stir continuosly till sugar is completely dissolved.Boil the sugar syrup for 10 mins and turn off the heat.Add cardomon pwd and rose water and set the syrup aside.
Heat the oil / ghee for deep frying on a very low heat in a deep non stick pan.Sift the milk powder and selfraising flour together.Warm the milk and shift into a mixing bowl.Sprinkle the sifted milk powder and flour into the warm milk and knead a soft and pliable dough.At this stage the dough will be quite sticky but rub some warm ghee on your palms and rub it on the dough.Make equal walnut size balls and place them on a oiled / greased plate or a tray.
When the oil is hot enough drop few of the balls into it ,initially the balls should sink in the bottom .That very moment shake the pan carefully till the balls turn over and comes up to the surface.Do not put any kind of spoon to move the balls or u might break them apart.Once the balls start to rise and come up ,then carefully stir them with a slotted spoon and roll them over .Fry till it turns dark brown evenly on a very low heat all the time .The balls usually expand and gets bigger in size .
Remove the balls with slotted spoon,strain the oil completely and drop them carefully into the sugar syrup.Fry all the balls in the same manner on very low heat and then drop them into sugar syrup.Soak the balls in syrup for atleast 3-4 hours or for best results soak them overnight.Serve at room temperature or can be warmed in micro and also can be stored for a week in refrigerator.
Pls Note :
1.While making the dough ,it may b little sticky and soft so dont worry , just wash and dry your hands and rest the dough for 2-3 mins and then u can apply some warm ghee  over the dough and make balls.
2.While frying the balls,the heat should always be on a low flame ,instead of stirring the balls try and shake the deepfried pan instead for best results.You can use the handle one deep sauce pan for frying so that it wud be easier to hold and shake .
3.If the balls collapses in the syrup that means the balls are not well fried so do fry them again for 5 mins more .So initially drop 2-3 balls only for deep frying and in sugar syrup and then you can adjust accordingly.
Since i have adpated this recipe from a book and its Tuesday ,im linking it to Priya & Aipi's Every Tuesday - Bookmarked Recipes event.


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  8. Hi Sonu

    The Gulab jamun looks heavenly. You have created a masterpiece for which I can travel several miles to have it in my mouth. Excellent preparation.

    Hamaree Rasoi

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