Friday, January 14, 2011

easiest,quickest & mouth melting tiramisu recipe with store bought ingredients :D

Tiramisu ( tiruh-mee-sooo) is a mouth melting italian dessert which means " pick me up " / "carry me up " .It actually means getting a jerk emotionally through your palatte which will shake you completely,it is also said that tiramisu  is the "most heavenly dessert on God's earth ".The actual authentic tiramisu is made up of ladyfinger/sponge biscuits,mascarpone cheese,marsala wine,expresso,sugar and eggs.This blog is an "eggfree" blog so i skipped eggs , i didnt wanted to use any alcohol either so i skipped wine too :) .I was short of time so i tried this easiest and quickest heavenly dessert with few and all store bought ingredients in my cosy kitchen :)) .Tiramisu turned out the awesomest dessert ever i made,initially i was scared and worried as i wasnt using any eggs , without one of the major ingredient it would have been definately a disaster  still i was very keen to try and it just hit the bull's eye,i agree it was not that perfectly set but the taste was wowest and awesomest and it had to be as all the ingredients were ready store bought and i just assembled,it was fun while i was assembling it ;).Everyone just luved and cherished it and wanted to dig in as soon as they saw the dish !Thanx guys for showering all those lovely comments and luving my tiramisu dessert and im really sorry for posting the recipe so late :P

approx will serve for 4-5 ppl

ingredients :
18-20 sponge biscuits/savoiardi biscuits/ladyfinger biscuits
300ml chilled whipped cream ( keep the whipped cream in the freezer for 5-10 mins )
250ml mascarpone cheese
2 cups thick vanilla custard (i made custard at home,but you can use store bought double thick custard )
1 tsp vanilla extract
11/2tbsps instant coffee pwd + 11/2 cups of water ( i used nescafe expresso instant coffee pwd )
instant coffee pwd to taste ( for garnishing )
1 cup powdered sugar
method :
Boil 11/2 cups of water , add coffee pwd and simmer for few mins ,take off the flame and  the coffee decoction is ready,let it cool down and keep aside in a wide bowl.In  a mixing bowl add mascarpone cheese and sugar , beat together,add whipped cream , vanilla custard ,vanilla extract and beat all together for few secs or till it gets soft and fluffy,keep this aside.Dip the sponge biscuits one by one in coffee decoction ,(both the sides) and place side by side in a rectangular or square dish .Spread evenly half of the cream mixture on the top of the dipped  biscuits ,sprinkle some coffee pwd with a tea strainer on top,again repeat the layer of dipped sponge biscuits in coffee decotion on top and lastly spread the remaining cream mixture on it.Cover the dish with cling sheet and refigerate it for atleast 4-5 hrs so that it sets nicely .While serving sprinkle coffee pwd with tea strainer all over and garnish with chocolate coated coffee beans and serve immediately.


  1. lip smacking tirimasu cake......easy explanations

  2. Wow Tiramisu cake looks fabulous .I am drooling

  3. Tirimasu cake looks so perfect. You are truly an artist in kitchen.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  4. Wow, my favourite dessert looks so good.

  5. What an exquisite looking tiramisu..very good recipe!

    US Masala

  6. Yumm, such a delightful tiramisu cake, soo tempting..

  7. yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :) feel like grabing one slice ;)

  8. Now after seeing your post, I am hungry again after a heavy lunch. Sigh! Tiramisu looks gorgeous!

  9. I just had tiramisu once before a year... this do at home version looks so interesting.. Gonna try...


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