Tuesday, April 06, 2010

poffertjes/mini pancakes

Poffertjes are tiny dutch pancakes which are topped with powdered sugar,maple syrup and butter ,also called as dutch treats  .I came across this term for the first time when we had been to "Tesselaar tulip festival in victoria " which was about 40-45 kms away from melbourne during spring,that was the first time i came to know the beauty of the miraculous colourful tulip bulbs as well as these tiny baby puffed pancakes and i just went crazy,they were scrumtiously yummy and delicious,we really couldnt stop eating, its been months now but my mouth is still watering ;) ...immediately after coming home i did browsed for the recipes but all recipes were with eggs,and eggs we dont get at home,basically we are not allowed to cook anything with eggs at home ,so it was kinda difficult to find an eggless recipes and now when on this easter sunday we went to a restaurant in the suburb near by i again found the same dutch treat which was awesomely yummy and so this time i didnt sit back and now when i have started blogging i came across few of the the blogs (which i generally follow) had many of the pancake recipes and that too eggless and  to top it few with wheat flour which i found was quite healthy otherwise usually these mini pancakes are made up of selfraising flour/plain flour and so i was more then happy to adapt one from here.Poffertjes basically are made on special cast-iron with shallow indentations in the bottom which is quite similar to our indian style (mini )paniyaram pan or it can be made directly on non stick pan using heaped teaspoon batter ,it is also  baked at some places.Here's my version of the mini pancake which we all loved when i made for my  monday morning breakfast after the long lazying weekend.
ingredients for the pancakes :
1 cup wheat flour ( i used philsbury aatta )
1 cup buttermilk ( i took 1/2 cup yogurt + 1/2 cup water )
2 tbsp raw sugar
1/2 tsp cinnamon pwd
1/4 tsp soda bi-carb
1 tsp butter
1/2 tsp salt
for toppings :
powdered sugar/maple syrup/any of your fav fruits/ butter/ chocolate sauce/whipped cream/dash of lemon juice/fav icecream
method :
Mix wheat flour,sugar,cinnamon pwd,salt and soda together,add buttermilk and mix together till there are no lumps left,the batter should neither be too thick nor too thin it should be medium consistency,you can adjust the buttermilk quantity accordingly.Let this batter rest for 10-15 mins.Heat the pan/griddle,melt the butter,as soon as it sizzles add the teaspoonfulls of batter and cook till you get bubbles on top,gently flip it over with a spatula and let it cook for another few secs ,you can also make all the mini pancakes and keep in a heated (approx 120 c ) oven and serve hot with your fav toppings.Pancakes usually tastes better when warm.
pls note : when you fry pancakes adjust the heat constantly as they may get browned very fast and so if required reduce the heat a bit.I didnt had powdered sugar so i sprinkled icing sugar :),the above pic is full of butter,this plate was for my daughter and she is fond of extra butter ,so for all kids this is one super best recipe and for all my friends pls dont put on extra weight by adding so much butter ...hehehe...;)
sending this to the event pancakes hosted by priya's easy n tasty  blog and to jagruti of joy of cooking for her joyful eating whilst travelling event .


  1. Hi Sonal..
    First time here .. and liked your space. you have wonderful varieties of recipes.
    You might just see me often around :)

  2. This looks so inviting...send me a plate sonal dear...!

  3. New to your space. Dish looks so inviting !
    Nice collection of recipes .Sure to come back

  4. yeah sure jay..ur most welcome :)

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    Pancake is looking delicious !There is a award waiting for u dear plz collect from my blog..

  6. Pancakes looks yummy and so tempting with fresh fruits..
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    Gald to follow you..:)

  7. Hey Sonal
    Your pancakes looks yummy and mouthwatering..ya we tried same pancakes when we went holland to see specially Tulips in 2008...I love black tulips...and ya I took same pose photo with tulips too..:0))

    Thanks for the entry..

  8. Hey thanks for the egg free maida free pancake recipe.


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